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Microblading & Permanent Makeup

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Have you over plucked your eyebrows? Tired of drawing them on and not getting the symmetry right? Fed up of applying eyeliner daily? Still looking for that smudge proof lipstick? Whatever your needs I’m sure I have the perfect treatment for you, so you can wake up with makeup and get that extra ten minutes in bed!

Microblading Treatment



Microblading (Nanoblading), is the art of creating natural looking hair strokes using nano needles (super fine needles in a blade). Each hair stroke is carefully placed to mimic real hair to give you more defined brows that are beautiful and natural looking, for long lasting results.

Microblading: Hair Strokes

Hair strokes that are super thin and realistic for the perfect natural brow shape. Great for if you over pluck your eyebrows or just want realistic, natural looking, fuller brows.

Microblading: Ombre

If it’s a bolder brow your after then Ombre gives the brows a soft powdered makeup look. Perfect for if you usually draw your brows on and like a fuller, shaded brow with more colour.

Microblading: combination

Or if you like the natural look of hair strokes but like a touch of bolder colour then a combination of Ombre and hair strokes throughout the brow could be the perfect solution to filling in a gappy brow. Perfect for definition and fullness whilst keeping them natural.

Touch Up

Microblading is a 2-stage treatment. Treatment is not complete until you have had your retouch 4-8 weeks after the first treatment when the skin is fully healed. This is to ‘perfect’ your brows for beautiful, natural, long lasting results (included in original price).

Annual Maintenance top-up (From 6-14 months)

All treatments require an annual booster to help keep brows looking fresh and protect the longevity of the brows. This will depend on how well the colour has lasted and how fresh you like your brows to look. You will require a full consultation and in some cases if left too long then you may need a full treatment.

Aftercare Packages

All treatments come with a bespoke after care pack.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Using a specialist facial tattooing machine, I apply pigment to the skin using very fine needles. The sensation is like holding an electric toothbrush to your skin.

For hair stroke brows, ombre or a combination of the two.

Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner, Fine Eyeliner, or Lip Liner and Blush colour. 

Hair Stroke, Ombre or Combination Brows

Hair strokes to keep your brows looking natural, Ombre for a powder, bolder look or a combination of the two to give you fuller, natural looking long lasting results.

Fine Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner

Along the upper and/or lower lash line. This subtle but effective technique will open up your eyes and give your lashes a more defined look. Or for a more noticeable look fine eyeliner adds more definition.

Lip Liner & Blush

Lip Liner and Blush, a semi-permanent lipstick tattoo that can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Lip liner and colour can enhance your lips by giving you a more defined lip line and shape, which in turn gives you the illusion of fuller lips.

Touch Up

Semi-Permanent Makeup is a 2-stage treatment. Treatment is not complete until you have had your retouch 4-8 weeks after the first treatment when the skin is fully healed. This is to ‘perfect’ your brows, redefine your eyes or make your lips bolder for beautiful, long lasting results.

Annual Maintenance top-up

All treatments require an annual booster to help keep semi-permanent makeup looking fresh and protect the longevity of the tattoo. This will depend on how well the colour has lasted. You will require a full consultation and in some cases if left too long then you may need a full treatment.

Aftercare Packages

All treatments come with a bespoke after care pack.

Lip Liner & Blush

Price List

Microblading (Nanoblading-Hand Tool)

  • Hair Strokes £270

    For fine, realistic and natural hair strokes.

  • Ombre £270

    For a soft, powdered brow.

  • Combination £270

    A mixture of hair strokes and ombre.

  • Annual top up's From £100

    Maintenance top-up (6-9 months £100, 10-14 months £130, 14 months+ POC).

Cosmetic Tattooing (Machine Method)

  • Hair Strokes £300

    For realistic, natural hair strokes.

  • Ombre £300

    For a bolder, powdered brow.

  • Combination £300

    A mixture of hair strokes and ombre.

  • Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner From £200

    Upper eyelids £220, lower eyelids £200, Upper AND Lower Lids £250

  • Fine Eyeliner From £250

    Upper eyelids £250, Upper AND Lower £300.

  • Lip Liner & Blush £300

    Lip liner and shading for fuller, more defined lips. Price for 2 treatments. Further treatments at £80 per session.

  • Annual Top up's From £120

    12-18 month maintenance top-up (1 treatment): Eyebrows and Lips £150. Upper OR Lower Liner £120. Upper AND Lower Liner £150.

Salt And Saline Permanent Makeup Removal

  • Price Per Treatment From £75

    Salt and Saline permanent make up removal for eyebrows. Would need face to face consultation.

Microblading: Hair Strokes
Microblading: Hair Strokes
All prices include consultation; first treatment and 4-8 week touch up.
All treatments require a full consultation.
A patch test is required at least 24 hours before procedure.


Unsure if it’s Microblading or cosmetic tattooing that is the best option for you?

Don’t worry. These treatments will be discussed fully in consultation or feel free to phone me for an over the phone consultation before your face-to-face consultation to put your mind at ease. Either way I’m sure I have a solution to your needs and can work with you to ease your fears.

Hello! I'm Lucy Andrews
Qualified Nurse & Microblading & Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist

About Lucy


I am a Registered Nurse and a Microblading and semi-permanent makeup artist offering a 5* service here at Applewood Clinic. Bringing you Microblading and cosmetic tattooing services all from the privacy of my treatment room at home in Haywards Heath, West Sussex with private off road parking.

My love for beauty and makeup started at a young age and I was torn between pursuing a career in the beauty industry or going into nursing as I also had a constant need to help people too. I started off as a health care assistant where I worked in a Hospital. After a few years I then left to become a beauty advisor for a luxury skin care company. After that I decided I wanted to train to be a nurse and qualified in 2011. I am currently still practicing and am a sister at my local hospital. While I loved my nursing career there was always something missing, something else I wanted to do.

Client reviews

What clients have said

I was so impressed by Lucy! Not only her technique but also her mannerism…. she ensured I was comfortable before, during and after my treatment. HIGHLY recommend!!!

C. Coysh

Brighton, East Sussex

Lucy is fantastic! I absolutely love my brows thank you so much. Beautiful treatment room and a amazing semi-permanent mua.

L. Edwards

Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Lucy is so patient, kind and thorough, you can’t help but feel completely at ease with allowing her to tattoo your face! Likewise, as soon as I walked into her gorgeous and fully equipped treatment room, I knew I was going to be very well looked after …..and I was not disappointed.
Lucy gave me hair stroke brows and took her time to ensure I was 100% happy before any tattooing took place.
I am ecstatic with the result. I am so in love with my new eyebrows and the shape of them. I am extremely grateful to Lucy for making the whole experience an enjoyable and exciting one.

L. Whitehouse

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Lucy did my eyebrows for me and anyone that knows me knows how much trouble I have had with them and after years of misuse and drawing them on, I can finally go swimming without them coming off I can get up later for work as I don’t need to spend ages drawing them on seems a bit dramatic but it has been life changing for me!! Lucy’s salon is beautiful I was made to feel so welcome and was put at ease straight away as I was nervous! I found her very professional and she talked me through everything so I knew what was going on and I couldn’t be happier with the result would highly recommend this salon.

L. Edin

Burgess Hill, West Sussex

I’ve had my brows semi-perm tattooed three times prior to Lucy doing them, and Lucy’s are by FAR the best. Even when they were just freshly finished, they looked SO natural. Every other time I’ve had them done they’ve looked embarrassingly noticeable; red & sore, thick block colour, itchy, scabby & shiny (from the balm)! But this time the hair strokes Lucy’s created look so natural and the colour she chose for me is perfect. I’m so happy with them and can’t wait for the top up and to see the end result. Thanks Lucy!

K. Stovell

Brighton, East Sussex

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